Sunday, August 14, 2011

Riverfront Park with Julie

We spent one afternoon while Julie was visiting in Downtown Spokane at Riverfront Park. It's a wonderful park, and the river was so full that it was amazing to see! Spokane really is a beautiful city. I will always love my hometown.

The first thing we did that day was buy some cracked corn. We took it down to the river by the carousel to feed the birds that always line the stairs there. The seagulls thought we were jerks when they realized they couldn't really eat it. They were all lined up waiting to see if someone would toss something they could pick up though!

No, instead of feeding seagulls, we fed geese, ducks, and even tiny sparrows. Ellie loved seeing the birds so close, even if she was a little tired after a while. She gets so excited when she sees animals of any kind!

About the time we tossed our last corn flakes into the water my Mom came and met us at the carousel.
So - of course - we had to take Ellie for her first ride on the historic Spokane carousel. She went first with Daddy and rode a goat that went up and down, just like the big kids on the horses. She was so excited when she was in line, even though she had no idea what was coming. Here she is clapping!

And petting the goat like the good animal lover that she is.

It was so cute to see her immediately grab onto the rail both times we put her on the carousel. And the first time she held on with hands and feet! Guess she didn't trust him to hold on...

Next it was my turn to take our Ellie-Bell on. She was a little tired of going up and down and a little upset when the carousel finally ended with daddy, so I took her on the stationary giraffe for our turn together.Once again she grabbed right on and I got to enjoy the teenage worker coming by and shaking his head at the parents who bring their baby on the carousel, but we loved it and so did she.
Our last activity for the day was to walk around to some of the bridges around the park and see how incredibly high the river was running. Water is so soothing and fascinating to me. And the river was especially powerful this year where we had such a cool wet spring. Here are just a few photos of the beautiful park. I love my memories of spending so much time running across these bridges and spending summers downtown at Riverfront Park.
And, of course, a few family shots.
I look unhappy, but I was just having trouble staring into the sun. Ellie cracks me up here though - flirting with strangers wherever she can.
On our walk back to the car - who pays to park downtown anymore??? - Steve picked this flower for Ellie. Our funny girl would not let go of it the whole way back, even when she passed out from the days adventures. Firm grip that girl has.She is definitely Steve's girl.

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