Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Baby #3 Gender Ultrasound

Originally our doctor had us scheduled to have our gender ultrasound with our next 4 week appointment, around the 9th of January - when I was about 22 weeks along.  This was not great for us... We really wanted to know before spending the holidays with family, start prepping if we needed to buy things that were non-pink, and not have to wait weeks past when they normally do the ultrasound.  When I explained the first two concerns to the receptionist at our office, she was more than happy to reschedule our ultrasound.  So, December 19th, at just shy of 20 weeks, we headed to the doctors.  It was STRESSFUL!  Our appointment was at 2:30 - prime nap time.  Steve was going to have to get a sub for his last class and meet me there.  Mckayla was sick with croup.  Ellie was being a bit of a handful, and both girls were tired.  However, with no sitter, and a 3 year old who was soooo excited to see the baby in my tummy, we loaded up and went to the appointment ready for the whole thing to be an epic meltdown.  I love when I am wrong.

The girls were fine and very interested in what was going on.  I expected an uncooperative baby who we would spend lots of time only seeing its back.  Wrong again.  This baby was so active we got to see a lot of it.  The technician knew in about 10 seconds that we were having another GIRL.  Ellie was excited.  The tech asked her what she thought it was, and Ellie told her what we'd been hearing for weeks - it's a girl baby.  And the tech agreed.  Steve and I for some reason both thought it was going to be a boy.  I'm 0 for 3.  I always think it's a boy - no idea why, but it (obviously) never is.  

So, because I know we'll be taking comfort, jokes, and aw shucks over the matter.... Yes, Steve and I want a boy.  No, we weren't heartbroken.  We love our girls.  Have you met them?  Have you seen how amazing a father they have?  How good he is with them and how much they ADORE him?  Our girls are so fun, we will never be disappointed that we get to enjoy another one.  However, yes, we want a boy at some point.  We want to continue the Bennett name.  We want the experience of raising a son, especially of Steve enjoying that special experience.  We plan to have more children, and will have other opportunities.  We cannot know what our Heavenly Father has in store for us, but are still hopeful that we'll enjoy a son as part of our family in the future.  But, that is not our focus.  As soon as we found out this little girl was coming, our focus is on her, and how excited we are to meet her and have her be a part of our family.  So, let's turn the discussion from "it's not a boy...." to "it's another wonderful little girl!"  Because that's where Steve and I are at.

The ultrasound tech commented right away on how active our baby girl was and how she might give Ellie a run for her money.  Slightly frightened by the concept, my response was "That would be impressive."  I hope that just like Mckayla was really calm as a baby but is energetic now that this active little girl will calm some.  Otherwise, with 3 girls full of as much energy as the first two have, I will need to sleep for 3 days every week or so just to keep up with them.  Anyway, here is another shot of our little one.  Ellie is so excited she tells every stranger who stops to listen to her about how she's getting another sister in the baby tummy and it doesn't have a name till it comes out.  That girl can talk....

And here is the little video clip they sent home with us of the 3D ultrasound part.

It was wonderful seeing all her little body parts.  I never cease to be amazed by the development of a human baby, in and out of the womb.  I feel like any lesson in the human body testifies of a Divine Creator and loving Father in Heaven.  I loved seeing fingers, toes, legs, face, heart, all in perfect working order and yet so precious, fragile, and small.  Our little girl measured about 12 oz according to the ultrasound tech.

We were also surprised to hear that because baby was so cooperative (unusual for our girls) that this was our last ultrasound unless the doctor orders one later on.  Normally we have a second anatomy ultrasound and then our giant babies start measuring so big that we get extra ones.  Not that they tell us much -just that we have big healthy babies, which we've come to expect.  So, we may not get any more pictures of this little girl till she comes in late April or early May - due May 10th.  That's wonderful on a new deductible, but a little sad with how fun it is to see our babies during ultrasounds.

So, there you go, the two best pictures of our little GIRL.  We are excited to meet her and to watch her grow and interact with her two big sisters.  And just think of how cute our next family pictures will be with three of those adorable Bennett girls all in a row!