Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ellie's Room

So, I finally got everything put together that I wanted to decorate Ellie's room, so here it is. I love her room. The little decals and pictures make me happy. Hopefully it's something she likes too, if she even notices things like that on her daily mission to cover the floor with her toys.

Recent addition of new bow boards thanks to a friend Tawnya in Prosser, and my old stereo as Ellie LOVES music. She likes a tape I listened to when I was only a few years old of Bert and Ernie songs from Sesame Street and will dance to the music. She also hasn't been sleeping the greatest, so we've started playing Primary (children's church) songs as she sleeps at night and it seems to help out. She also LOVES tearing apart this alphabet puzzle. I only had to put it together 3 times and eventually toss her in the crib while I was taking these pictures to keep it together for 30 seconds.

Tawnya also helped me decorate the three mirrors, although we started them when I was about 8 months pregnant.... I know, I know, but at least we eventually got together to finish them! And I'm going to have to rearrange her bookshelf again already because she got some more books for her birthday and we need space for them. But boy does she love them! She is constantly sitting in front of this shelf happily quietly looking at book after book till there is a pile of them on the floor around her. I LOVE IT. Oh, and the random blank space on the wall is normally filled with an open door. Ellie's separation anxiety is awesome, so if the door even gets mostly closed while she is in and we are out, it's a meltdown. So, there was no real desire to decorate that space....

Grandma and Grandpa Rose got these pictures for her at a craft fair a while back and I knew exactly where to put them when they gave them to us, it just took a while to get them there.... Once upon a time they were centered over the crib, but we hung curtains to help keep it darker so Ellie would nap better and had to shift the crib so she wouldn't constantly be pulling the curtains down. By the way, the ADORABLE quilt and bumper set are courtesy of Grandma Bennett. I love it so much.
And the last wall. Not very cute, I know. And since this picture just the other day we learned that Ellie is tall enough to stand and pull things out of the top buckets (as well as off the kitchen table and shorter counter tops - joy!) so they are now empty or holding puzzles, toys, etc. instead of things she shouldn't be playing with. Also, ignore the cords. Unfortunately we have clearwire internet which needs line of site to our router and this is the only place it works in the house. Unfortunate, I know. Luckily Ellie hasn't cared enough to play with them yet.
Yup. She has too much stuff, and loves to make a mess with it, and we're only just getting started! But we spend a lot of time in this room and I love that she is so happy and content just to play in here.

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