Sunday, August 14, 2011

A baby shower in May

Because some of these posts are so old, I will try to brief. This is what you get when this is my journal and it's way behind. Sorry....

On May 23rd, we headed to Spokane for Jen's baby shower. It was mostly family on our Dad's side and a few of Jen's friends. Everyone seemed to have a really great time and Jen got TONS of cute stuff for her baby boy!

Steve and I had decided to get Jen all of her bathing essentials for the little guy.
And, here is what Ellie looked like back in May with my Uncle Brian's significant other Robin. Crazy, I know.
Favorite part of the shower: Watching Jen's boyfriend's neice Emmy dance around in the backyard and Ellie playing with an activity cube the mother of a girl Jen worked with bought.

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