Thursday, August 18, 2011

Preston Trip: Aug 4th - Aug 12th

Technically we left for Preston on the 3rd right after Steve got out of meetings, but we got a late start so we grabbed a hotel room in Boise for the night before charging on to visit our friends TJ and Tenille and their boys Cohen and Raiden in Twin Falls and then on to Preston the afternoon of the 4th.

While in Preston, Ellie got to enjoy doing a lot of new things for the first time. Such as:

Going for 4-wheeler rides with Daddy.Steve took her out a number of times to show her the different farm machinery in action while Grandpa was raking and bailing hay. She was fascinated by the machines.
She enjoyed the new sport of chasing farm cats - she only gets to chase seagulls at the park here at home. Deprived, I know.The cat really was pretty good about letting her get fairly close before running a little ways off, and when it got tired of the game, under the car it went.
She learned to play beautiful music with Grandma. This was a fabulous distraction when she was going through some separation anxiety and Steve and I needed to get things done.
She also got to enjoy learning a few things, like:

She LOVES her cousin Amanda - and thinks she's pretty darn hilarious.
Grandpa always has the remote, and if you go see him often enough, sometimes he'll share.
Walks with Daddy are much more entertaining on his shoulders.
It's fun to meet new, big animals,But she likes them much better from afar....
Dogs aren't scary once you learn to just climb over the top of them. She also learned to recognize the bark of a dog and would point at them and say "Do-ot" over and over. Now she can't tear her eyes from dogs we see at the pet store. I know my dear, your daddy wishes we had one too....
And, she got to enjoy blowing my mind on a daily basis with how big she's gotten. How did I miss that???
Basically, we had a fabulous time in Preston. Thanks to everyone who made it that way!

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