Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ellie's Other 1st Birthday Party

After we got home, we had a little birthday party for other grandparents to attend. On the 13th my parents and a couple of families that have babies Ellie's age and we're friends with came to our place in Kennewick for a really informal little party.

We set up the pool for the babies, and after they were all done the older kids had a blast in it. We barbequed hamburgers and ate chips and jello salad. My friend brought some yummy cookies, and then eventually we at icecream cake.

Yeah.... So, my time in Preston was supposed to help me learn what to do to make Ellie's cake for this birthday party, and I even knew what I was doing to decorate it. Ellie loves the fish tank and constantly points at it and says fish, or "shish". So, we were going to have a rectangular cake with cookies for sand and some fish and seaweed in it (all candy and fruit roll-ups) so that it all looked like a fish tank. But, first my cream cheese frosting was lumpy, and then wouldn't thicken up still. After that, when I tried to take my cake out of the pan, it was so moist that it broke into 3 pieces... all about an hour and a half before the party. So, Grandma Kerry and I hit up Baskin Robbins and grabbed a really cute ice-cream cake with colorful dots on it. By the way, no pictures because I was with Ellie and Steve cut into it before we could sing happy birthday or take pictures.

Anyway, the babies seemed to have fun in the pool until they each got tired of being splashed, got cold, or got a little clingy with so many people around - that one was Ellie.
Ellie enjoying some balloon time with Grandma and Grandpa after she wanted to be held and Steve and I were working on dinner.
Then we had dinner and opened presents. Once again, when I'm the one with Ellie, no pictures. Sorry, I know, I suck.

Finally, we had our ice cream cake before everyone called it a night. We really didn't expect Ellie to go for the ice cream cake since she wasn't into the cake in Preston. However, we were sorely mistaken. She took one little piece and dropped it surprised by the cold, but when she tried what was left on her fingers.... She went full fisted into the piece of cake. Literally. She was grabbing whole fists full of cake and shoving them into her face. When all the cake was gone? She poured all the melted ice cream onto her lap so she could find little pieces of cake buried in the mess and eat those. All she forgot to do was lick the plate clean. The aftermath... Thankfully, a couple of spray n'wash cycles later her clothes did survive.

Ellie once again made out like a bandit, getting clothes, books, stuffed animals, a doll, and an activity cube. Thanks to the Hansens and Dawseys for coming and celebrating our little girl with us. It's been a fun year watching Miles, Tess, and Ellie all interact. Here's hoping they're friends for years to come!

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