Sunday, August 14, 2011

July 3rd: Wyatt's Blessing

My sister Jennifer wanted to have Wyatt blessed. In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints we believe that babies and young children do not need to be baptized because they are too young to be accountable for their actions and because we believe that individuals will be judged according to their own actions and not for the Fall of Adam. When an infant is blessed, he or she receives their official name on the records of the church and receives a blessing that can only be given by men in the church who have the proper Priesthood authority to perform that ordinance. Steve holds the Priesthood (or the power to act in God's name on the earth), so Jennifer asked Uncle Steve to bless Wyatt.

So, all of our family that was in town got dressed and went to church on Sunday July 3rd. It's always so special to have our family all at church together as it has only happened a couple of times. I probably seem like a big baby, but I feel the Spirit tell me so strongly that this is a wonderful thing and it makes me overjoyed to feel such a special love when we all gather together at church. Steve and a man who has been a family friend for a long time named Mr. Hildreth both came and participated in blessing Wyatt in the Francis Ward. Jennifer's friend Sondra gave her a cute little white tux for Wyatt to wear on his special day. I love the visual of an infant all in white during a special blessing from our Heavenly Father as it reminds me how precious, innocent, and special infants really are in the sight of our Heavenly Father.

Here is Jennifer getting Wyatt dressed in his tux.
I wish I had more pictures, but we didn't bring our camera or think to get pictures of everyone dressed up together. I am so grateful that Jennifer decided to have Wyatt blessed though. It's a wonderful thing for a person of any age to receive a blessing just for them from our Father in Heaven and to know that He loves and knows them as an individual. I am also so proud and grateful that Steven holds the Priesthood and can perform such sacred acts in the name of Jesus Christ and do what He would if He were here on the earth.

Wyatt is a total binkie baby. But still looking sharp in his tux.

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