Sunday, August 14, 2011

June 1st - A New Nephew

On June 1st, 2011 my sister Jennifer gave birth to her son - Wyatt Kingston Roy Rose. Jennifer had asked me if I would be at the hospital with her while she was in labor, so I came down the night before they induced her and came to join her at the hospital early on the morning of the 1st. It was emotional to be there while Jen went through the ups and downs of labor and to see her little man born. She had a rough go of it, breaking blood vessels in her eyes and face and swelling really badly afterward, but she did great and Wyatt was born the evening of the 1st. Jen had some trouble with her epidural not wanting to work, and Wyatt had a rough start heading to the NICU for some testing right after he was born because he was a little limp and pale, but they both recovered quickly and seemed to be loving on each other right away. (all these pictures are from about two days later, when Jen's swelling and Wyatt's misshapen head both had started to correct themselves)
I was there through the first night and got to help Jennifer learn how to nurse Wyatt. It was a great feeling to be involved in Jen taking care of Wyatt since I had gone through the same thing about a year earlier.
The next morning Jennifer's boyfriend Russell came and relieved me and then my Dad, Ellie, and I came and visited a day later. Here are Grandpa and grandson, both sharing the middle name Roy.
Ellie really wanted to pull Jen's lipring out. Some of us share this sentiment - as a result Grandpa and Grandma encourage this behavior.
Ellie wasn't overly interested in Wyatt until he moved and squeaked. Then she wanted to grab him, so she had to stay pretty far away from the baby.
But, she had fun playing with Grandpa in the room till we left. Those two make me so happy to watch interact.
Here is Wyatt with his Dad, Dan Behm, a week or two later.
Welcome to the family Wyatt!

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