Sunday, July 20, 2014


I know, I know.  Just leave it be, ok.  It's July, but deal with it.  Way back when.... I already posted about the snow days and some of our fun science from February.  So, we pick up at Valentines Day.

Our family tradition is to dress up in nice clothes and have a really nice meal in as a family.  The tradition started our first year with Ellie as a baby and our not having anyone to babysit, so I decided to surprise Daddy when he got home.  Now, I love that our tradition has grown and makes Valentines Day exciting for the girls too as our celebration includes them.  It has become a lot more work than that first year, but I look forward to continuing the fun tradition for years to come.

Here were our girls dressed up and waiting for Daddy to get home. 

 I love that in this picture they both tried to run away from me with the same mischievous look.  Yeah, they are sisters...
 And here I was at 28 weeks pregnant.
Our dinner of crab legs, steak, asparagus, potatoes, strawberries, crescent rolls, and sparkling cider.  It was delicious!
 The best picture we got of our family.
 A picture of Ellie's fancy hair.
 The best picture of MG from the day by far.  She loves her snuggles with Daddy.

A few other quick pictures.  This wasn't a big occasion, but we loved this Broncos diaper baby Kerry and Dad got us for our baby gift.  So cute!

 Also on February 27th Ellie finished her last swim lessons so we could take it easy and prepare before the baby came.  She had a lot of fun this last session with Miss Makayla again.  Hopefully we'll finally get her back in the water here soon!

And, I think that wraps up the random bigger things from February.  The only other thing worth mentioning that happened in February was that my pelvic pain from the pregnancy got so bad so suddenly that I had days I could hardly move around the house without significant pain.  I talked to my doctor and confirmed that I had SPD - symphysis pubis dysfunction.  Basically my body produced too much of the hormone relaxin.  As a result the ligament that connects the pubic bone is too soft and allows the pelvis to twist and tilt, causing pain - sometimes a little, and sometimes a lot. After crying at my last doctors appointment we set me up with a physical therapist Steve saw after his ankle surgery and really liked - who also happened to be in our ward.  Dr. Goates got me started with some electric stimulation therapy and core strengthening exercises to help support my pelvis and lower back.  He also constantly realigned me to make sure I wasn't working towards popping my pelvis out (No thanks!) by doing things while I was poorly aligned.  Physical therapy made a significant difference for me in just the first couple of weeks, and I was so glad Steve had seen Dr. Goates and insisted we get in to him right away!  And, that's how I went into March, going to PT once a week and counting down the weeks till our baby would come, praying that my SPD wouldn't get worse and I would still be able to function until then.