Saturday, July 14, 2012

Family Pictures

This last week Ellie and I were in Spokane where all 3 of my sisters, their kids, and our parents were for the first time in 2 years.  As this usually only occurs once every 4 years or so, we always get family pictures done  when we're all together.  My only disappointment is that Steve had summer school all week when we had to get pictures done, so I don't have any pictures of the 3 (really 4 anymore) of us.  But, I'll share a few of the bigger group shots and the pictures we got of Ellie and I.  Try not to judge the weird faces Ellie was making or the fact that she'd obviously been crying at times.  She was having a ROUGH day.

Here is the whole group of us, minus all three husbands.

 The four of us girls.

Some shots of all the grandkids - minus those not yet born of course!

I won't put pictures up of other's individual shots, but here are the ones we got of Ellie.
Like I said, it was a rough day for her...  Off and on.
(I feel I should explain here Ellie was singing a song about a turtle eating up soap and she was doing the actions.  So cute)
Where as I have no explanation for this ferocious and cute expression.  I just remember falling down laughing when we got it.

And lastly, the shots of the 3 Bennett girls we got for Daddy.  It's about time the photo of us in his office didn't have a 6 week old Ellie in it...

There is something fitting about Ellie's holding a football in this picture.  That ball was all that kept her happy for a chunk of photos.  Poor girl, but at least we have some pictures to remember this fun time while Ellie talks about the "baby tummy".