Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's a.... Girl!

So, Steve wanted to write this post, but I've gotten impatient to catch up on the blog, so here I go. Sorry, his posts are much more entertaining. March 23rd we headed to the doctor's for our ultrasound. We scheduled it during Steve's prep so he could just get a couple of teachers to cover a few minutes of the class before and class after so he could be there. We got into the ultrasound and immediately the woman was a little displeased. Turns out that it is really hard to measure a baby that is tucked into one side standing on its head with it's chin to it's tummy and it's back facing you... Who knew?

So she started on the leg measurements as she figured she could get those and see if the baby would move. About 10 seconds later, she told us she could tell us what we were having - a little girl! That was great news! Steve and I had kind of assumed we were having a boy because everyone around us is, but we were excited to know one way or the other and really had no preference. After that, the ultrasound only went downhill. It was neat to see her hands and feet when they came on screen as well as little knees and elbows. She still wouldn't cooperate though, even when the technician started prodding, poking, and rapidly bumping my stomach trying to convince her to move. I guess when both your mother and father's families are known for hard heads you're bound to be stubborn... or determined..?

Anyway, all the measurements they could take were good, but after a half hour we still hadn't gotten all the information they needed, so our little girl gets to have more pictures taken in June or July sometime.

Because of her positioning, we only got one regular ultrasound picture and you can only see her spine and skull.
However, they did take some 3-D ultrasound pictures which turned out amazing! She was covering her face most of the time, and played with her ear at one point, but we did get to see one quick glimpse of her face.
It's kind of ironic we're having a girl as not too long ago I found two baby blankets I'd started back in jr. high and high school and never finished. One was for a boy, the other a girl. Over New Years, Reva and Kathy helped me finish the girls one but we ran out of time for the boy's blanket. Turns out that was just perfect.
I also bought these cute onesies at Ross last week over spring break for her. Our first purchases for Baby Girl Bennett. I couldn't turn the Horton one away! The other two in the first set say I heart Mommy and I heart Daddy.

She also is officially letting her presence be felt. The other night she was kicking hard enough that she kept moving my hand and Steve has been able to feel her already as well! Basically, we are not too worried about college funds as she is going to become the first female NFL kicker.

In other news, Steve is already preparing his first animal sacrifices in hopes that she will never date or meet up with guys like he was in high school...

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