Saturday, April 24, 2010

Just for Fun

So, this purely random post is partially to share the fun of our latest visit, and partially so I will remember how funny our little girl was while I was still pregnant...

We had a check-up on Tuesday, and I expected to just come out frustrated as my last "check-up" was a 20 minute wait for a 5 minute chat with the doctor just to see if I had any questions. However, this one proved to me what a handful we have coming and just how much of the Rose and Bennett genes are being passed on - specifically the genes for hard-headedness, stubbornness, and a dislike for going to the doctors.

So far, our little girl has not wanted to cooperate at appointments (except when she eventually let us hear her heart beat that first appointment which was such a relief after 5 minutes of the nurse searching and reassuring us many couples don't hear it till later!). This last appointment, the nurse once again wanted to listen to her heart beat. After a little bit of searching, she picked it up - and then it was gone. Once again. Found. Lost. She told me that our baby was moving away from the machine. So she found the heart beat a third time, and then started telling me she was getting kicked repeatedly for her efforts - till our little girl ran away again. This happened 4 or 5 times!

The nurse laughed and said our baby was stubborn and blamed it on Steve not knowing how true her statement was. To my credit, I did explain that the stubbornness comes from both sides. In response to my comment, the nurse told me we might as well give up hope now. Great. She also told me (as have a few other techs and nurses) that she thought we were going to have a very active child. So much for having a calm laid back baby for our guinea pig child... Oh well. At least she has spunk! As further proof of this, not only can Steve feel her when she gets kicking, but she now visibly moves my stomach when she's practicing her punting!

Our other baby news is that our swing came last week! I was so excited that an hour later it was assembled, tested, and already stored in the future-nursery. Hey, we may need it in 4 months, but it's ready to go now... I am such a child still.
As an aside, I am officially working part-time a few days a week now. I basically babysit and entertain kids in the pool and am starting to teach a few private lessons whenever I can get them. Swim lessons start soon so I am also creating my own swim lesson levels, paperwork, the whole bit. But hey, it's work...

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  1. Funny story! And nice looking swing. I've always wanted one that rocks side to side. That will help your already ever so active little girl relax and go to sleep. Have fun with swimming lessons!