Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

So, after spending week in Southern Idaho and Utah where it snowed much of the time, we came home to realize that it is past officially spring here. And beyond our 60 and 70 degree weather and constant bird watching through our kitchen window, here is some of the proof.

This is one shot of our yard. Yes, our grass is way too long, and yes we are planning on cutting it...
After we had a rather severe wind storm the other night, I found a nest in the rocks in our yard. No babies or eggs around thankfully.
This last week, Steve found these little guys and two more just like them under a log in our garden plot. (Which we can't wait to plant and build a fire pit in!)
We are getting our first flowers in our yard! (Besides dandelions)
These marmots are ALL OVER THE PLACE! Steve and I went for a walk today and saw 8 or 10 just in a short walk down the road and back. I don't have pictures, but I see their cute little babies on the side of the road when I drive to Steve's school or the grocery store as well. It is obvious why these are such a pest animal around here considering the agricultural nature of our area...And some of them are huge! This may be the inspiration for the ROUS's (Rodents of Unusual Size) mentioned in "The Princess Bride".
On a side note, we made friends with the neighbors the other day.
It was difficult. I walked to the fence to talk at them, and they came right up to me.
As a result, when Steve got home we went back out - with carrots.
I think our neighbors like us.

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  1. Great pics...we're expecting snow so take that! Anyway, cool to see everything, we hope to see MORE of Mom soon, so, DAD, what's up with that? :)