Monday, April 19, 2010

A Productive Weekend

So this weekend Steve and I caught the bug. It was time for some spring cleaning and work. So I cleaned much of the house and vacuumed out both cars. Saturday, we borrowed a lawn mower and tiller from a friend and Steve got a lot of work done on the yard and garden. He even taught me how to use the mower since I'd never been on a rider before. There are no pictures because - apparently my threats were productive.

However, here is a picture of Steve for you.

I picked this one because:
1 - It shows Steve on a borrowed John Deere - his favorite!
2 - It shows how ridiculously long our lawn had gotten (and that it's now a more appropriate length)
3 - You can see part of our tilled garden plot in the background.
4 - You can also see and appreciate our view of the sheep. On the other side of the house are all the mamas and lambs and we're well over 20 little lambs now! We have lots of twins and even a set of triplets!

I love our yard and our clean cars!

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