Tuesday, March 9, 2010

MHS Projects

So, I've been helping out in Steve's Environmental Science class teaching the kids about interpretive writing and artistic design so that they could create a presentation, a poster, and a pamphlet about their water quality studies. It's too hard to show you a presentation, but the poster and pamphlet are ready to go to print, and as usual, I'm going to share the final product with you. We did a lot of editing, but for the most part the kids did the majority of the design and writing in their groups and turned out great work!

So this is their final poster. The lines are where pages would be. Needless to say it will go to a printer that can do posters, but this is the way print preview brings it up.... The black box is where I've blocked out the kids' names.
This is the front of the final pamphlet. Once again, names are blacked out.
And the back of the pamphlet.The kids did great work! And it was great to get to use my degree, even if I think I've learned a few things about myself:
1 - I'm not mean enough to give bad grades very well.
2 - Minus the editing part of things, I would rather be doing this myself than supervising.

Hopefully I'll find some new work soon! Or finally find an affordable version of the program I want to make Steve's classroom posters based on the animals in the last post.

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