Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Surprise Pet

So, on Tuesday, another teacher came into Steve's class with a tub. In that tub happened to be two guinea pigs. Although we had discussed the possibility of guinea pigs in Steve's class one time, we were not necessarily expecting to get guinea pigs, but apparently they are now ours for Steve's classroom. So, introducing our latest animals: no they don't have names yet.

They're a lot of fun to watch as they're still figuring out the whole cage and water bottle thing... We had to place them on the top level as they don't explore much and they bite the water bottle instead of drinking from it properly, so it sometimes takes a great deal of time and effort for one of them to get a drink...

Not sure if you can tell, but one is much larger than the other, and no, we have no idea what gender either of them is... That could prove interesting down the road.

The larger of the two. I love the random one black nostril.

And the smaller one. This little guy likes to talk! A LOT!
That last picture definitely makes me think of Bugsy from Bedtime Story.... They certainly are cute, even if they were unexpected.

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