Saturday, October 3, 2009

Birthday Week?

So holidays make you want to be with family. Unfortunately, not always possible, especially when part of your family is in Alaska, part in Okinawa, and the rest is in Washington, Idaho, Utah, etc. However, I choose to look on the bright side. The one fun part about birthdays with our spread out family is that October often involves a birthday week if not just being my birthday month. This year, my first present showed up from Charlie on the 1st. I got a very pretty necklace that's just right for me. Simple but very nice. Thanks Charlie!

Then Steve surprised me Friday after we both felt decent with flowers for my birthday. He bought me a beautiful pot of perennial plants so that I can enjoy them each year. He chose a really nice arrangement of plants and I love the way the colors and shapes are so different. Thanks love!
This may sound the bragging, but really I know that Charlie and Julie especially will want to know what I got as well as Mom and other family members who will probably not be coming to Prosser anytime soon. That's what I'm going with. And I like my presents. Ok, so 22 is still not old enough for me to be very proper...

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