Sunday, October 18, 2009

Visit Part III: Japanese and Rose Gardens

Welcome back to the Japanese Gardens and Rose Garden in Portland, OR. Because we've already posted quite a few pictures, I tried to get different angles and pictures to post this time. No matter what it is a really beautiful place!

Just like Julie got me for my birthday, this time we noticed that there are Shishi dogs protecting the entrance to the Japanese gardens. Ok, so apparently they are not Shishi dogs, but I didn't know the difference. Julie says they are Chinese Foo dogs, and that the ball is held by the male and the baby by the female. Either way, very neat. Thanks Juls!

Next, one of the zen gardens was imprinted this time and was so impressive I just had to post a picture. That's a lot of work! We listened to a mom tell her young toddler over and over that he could not go play in the sand. Very cute.
Our reflection with Portland behind us in their activity building.
This is the "Poets' Stone" which is supposed to inspire people and has a Haiku written on it. Don't ask me what it says.
I loved that the leaves were starting to turn and kind of wish even more trees had turned so we could get great pictures of all the different colors.This was the "tea room". I just love all the green surrounding the beautiful wood.
A beautiful stone staircase.I just love how green and beautiful everything is!
Ray was nice enough to take pictures of us on the bridge there. Soooo Pretty.
Next we stopped at the Rose Garden. We're not positive, but there's a chance that we accidentally (wish we could take credit) brought Ray and Reva to the exact garden they visited on their honeymoon 41 years ago! Regardless, I hope they enjoyed the beautiful roses as much as we did. Enjoy a few of my favorites.

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