Thursday, October 15, 2009

How Did That Happen???

I know I still have other blogs to catch up on, but thought I would vent by informing you all that somehow, in less than 5 minutes, I suddenly became the new coach for a girls basketball AAU team...

Steve and I were discussing Mabton sports with the athletic director and that I was considering getting involved with basketball this winter but was nervous having never coached before. So he says, there's the head girls basketball coach for the high school, let's go introduce you. And then he tells the coach my situation and adds that I may be the coach he's been looking for. Huh? Well, apparently he has been coaching his daughter's AAU team since they were in 1st grade, but now they're in the 7-12 bracket, he can't coach them as a high school coach. So he has practices, plays, everything figured out, but needs someone to do the actual coaching as he's not allowed. The next thing I know, he's telling me he'll see me this NEXT MONDAY for our first practice! What just happened???

Apparently what just happened is Steve, the athletic director, and this coach just decided I'm going to coach an AAU team. Terrified much? Yes, yes I am.

Trial by fire, here I come!

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  1. Hey Nicole, this is Lara. You will do a great job coaching I am sure. You are fantastic with the little kids in the pool so I have no doubt you can rock this as well!