Sunday, September 27, 2009

Up, Up, and Away!

We are learning just how much there is to do in little Prosser. This weekend was the annual hot air balloon festival here. The festival is Friday through Sunday.

When I went with Steve on his field-trip Friday, this is what greeted us just outside our door. We could see at least a dozen balloons from our front porch alone. On our way to Mabton, I counted more than 20 rising up and visible from the highway!

Here are a couple of the balloons I really liked from around our house.
It will probably not surprise anyone that we never did make it out to one of the 6:00 AM launches. (partially because we did not know about it until late Friday night) However, we did make it to the end of the “night burn” they hold Saturday night on the Prosser High School football field. It was really neat to see the balloons at night, and we were grateful there were no accidents as the balloon handlers were really fighting with the breeze.

It was also really neat to watch them take down the balloons after the show was over. I couldn’t believe how quickly the balloons were rolled up and put away, or how small they wound up.
Hopefully we’ll be able to make this a tradition, and even bring some of you one day!I know, I tend to look at our camera’s screen instead of the camera when we do these pictures…

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