Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What's 3 More???

Steve and I have known we wanted to add a few more sugar gliders to the family for a while now. However, with our situation being up in the air, and having no idea where we would be in a few months, we decided it was best to wait. Then, soon after we moved to Prosser, we saw an add on Craigslist. The next weekend, we were on our way to Sandy, OR to pick up our newest addition - BOYS!

The woman we got the gliders from has her licenses to rescue exotics, and has had a lot of gliders through the years. These 3 boys she was getting rid of so she wouldn't have to worry about breeding anymore. It was really neat to see all the animals she has rescued. She had a serval, a marmoset, another monkey, a skunk, cats, great danes, and gliders! And we thought we had a zoo...

The boys were overweight, and used to more time out than they get with us, but not as much human contact, so they are still getting used to us. But they are improving quickly! Too bad we'll have a definite relapse soon because we're going to neuter the boys. The whole point is to be able to have a big community cage; gliders do better in colonies (the way they are in the wild) because then if one glider passes away, they have others to associate with.

They don't have new names yet, I know, I'm slacking... But they will soon. So right now, they just go by main attributes...

So this is Papa (the other two boys are his joeys) also lovingly called Chunkito by Steve because he's quite overweight. But improving!
Papa is very active and LOVES being out of the cage. He's a punk about going back in.
This is "the Skittish one". He's getting better, but is quite jumpy and takes some time to warm up to us each night... Eventually he'll get more comfortable. He's doing much better with us already.Papa and Skittish one eating.
Lastly, this is Wheels/Runner. In this picture, he's hiding from me. This is pretty typical. Only usually he stays in the wheel the whole time and refuses to come out of the wheel/cage. Once he's out he does alright, but it's taking him some time to even think leaving the cage is worthwhile. He's the only one we've been nipped at by so far - when we blocked his way to the wheel and cage.We learn more about them each day. For instance, even though our girls get up early and go to bed early morning, the boys sometimes won't get out of bed till midnight and are still up at 9:00 AM! They also eat their vegetables before anything else and fruit last, whereas the girls eat fruit first and don't hardly touch their vegetables. It's funny to see the differences.

So, there you are. Steve says I just wanted boys so that we wouldn't have all boys when we have kids... Somehow the ratio of male to female animals in our home is supposed to influence the gender of our children? Well, he likes the theory anyway.

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