Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Part II - Portland Trip

On Labor Day, we went to Portland! Steve and I have learned that the best part about being in the middle of nowhere is that we are close to everywhere! We're only a few hours from Moscow, Spokane, Seattle, and Portland as well as other places. We look forward to some fun day/weekend trips in the future.

The whole reason for going to Portland was to pick up the new sugar gliders, but we figured we could do something fun earlier in the day. So we went to the Japanese Gardens in Portland. It's the largest and most authentic Japanese Garden outside of Japan according to Japanese ambassador who visited the gardens some years ago. I have to admit, it was breath-taking! Once again, not a ton of pictures of the garden themselves because we're planning on going with Ray and Reva and will post more pictures again then.

First, on the drive there - the mascot of Central Washington: wind turbines!Although I'm sure no one will believe me, I was awake most of the trip, but did fall asleep for a while, and when I woke up, this guy was greeting me in Portland!

We went to some awesome pet stores downtown, one where we will be purchasing all of the cichlids for Steve's next classroom tank, and then had some fast food for lunch downtown. OH MY. I hope there was some kind of convention going on based on the outright costumes, make-up, and number of weird people we saw... One guy was dressed up as Wario from Mario Bros, and we must have seen half a dozen women with furry cat ears and tails attached to their clothes! It was bizarre, and Steve was wishing for his concealed weapons permit...

Next we headed to the garden. Enjoy a few of the beautiful views! There were amazing big beautiful trees everywhere and everything was so green.

We didn't have much time, but we also popped into the Rose Garden just across the parking lot because it was so close. There were numerous gardens there and the place just kept going! Maybe on another day trip we will have more time to explore.
We can't wait to go back with Ray and Reva!

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