Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our Manly Greeks

So, our boys officially have new and improved names. When we got them, the woman called them Dad, Junior, and Mogley. The only one I liked was Mogley and it didn't seem to fit very well. Plus, she couldn't even really describe to us who was who...

Now the boys are Achilles, Ajax, and Pan. Achilles started the Greek theme and after that we just kind of got on a role... Steve likes that they are manly.

Our typical method of naming by meaning failed miserably when it came to good guys names, so we decided to go with our own associations. Achilles is our male who likes to ignore everything and just run in his wheel all day. So he is our fitness guru, but he also has no claws on one of his back feet. Ajax is our big guy, and Steve made the association that Ajax was one of the largest Greeks. Pan was the hardest, and he's named after a guy who was head and body man with the feet of a goat. Well, when Pan gets excited he bites things and his upper body stays still while his feet dance around like crazy like they're from another animal... Steve also pointed out that it allows for the Peter Pan connection to flight and gliding.

So, our gliders now include: Ajax, Keena, Achilles, Zahira, and Pan. More crazy names and we love them!

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