Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Part I - Summer's Wedding

Saturday of Labor Day Weekend was my cousin Summer's wedding. We went to go see family as we weren't sure the next time we would see a lot of them. The wedding was on Lake Pend O'reille and it was a BEAUTIFUL place.

This was the set-up just before the wedding started.
The cake. My very talented aunt made this, and managed to fix it when the night before it collapsed on itself! You would never know looking at it.The ladies.The guys, including the groom, and my uncle who performed the marriage.The bride, her Dad, her son (who was not very happy at this point), and the very cute flower girl who made friends with me later on and gave me a hug goodbye after I helped her roast a marshmallow.
The next few are from the service. Summer sang a very beautiful and touching song to her husband Rich after they were married, and then they combined sand to illustrate combining their lives.Steve found a seat to relax on out on the deck on the lake and took a bunch of pictures of people who weren't aware, such as Jen and myself...We had a lot of fun being goofy and got made fun of for being more affectionate than the bride and groom at times, but we had a great time! When I get the pictures people took of us being goofy, maybe I'll post a few.

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