Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Big Move... To Little Prosser

So for those of you who are the same 3 weeks behind on your news as we are on our blog, we moved! Steve decided, prices not being significantly different, that we would save ourselves some hassle and get the largest U-Haul for the move. So here is the beast parked outside our place in Moscow.
Thanks to our experience helping some friends move, we benefited from TJ and Tenille's genius tactic of collecting McDonalds fry boxes so all our boxes were uniform. How nice!
Here is Steve working hard after the boxes were loaded and we were waiting for some people from church to show up.By the way, HUGE thanks to our Moscow ward family and neighbors who pitched in to help us load the truck, and Dad, Kerry, and the gentleman from our new Prosser ward who helped us unload!

This is our new place!
Welcom inside.
First stop, Pet Room. So it's a little plain and empty, but mostly because we are A) minimizing things to be chewed on or to be gotten into, B) leaving room for when Steve actually has time to breath and puts the big cages together.The main part of the house. It's pretty open. Granted, it's not huge, but it's much bigger and nicer than our last place and exactly what we needed. Really we were just lucky and extremely grateful to find anyplace to live at all!
The kitchenOur dining areaMost of the living room (it was hard to get a good picture of it)Then down the hallway we have the guest bathroomAnd our bedroom (we have another bathroom, just like the first but smaller)So that's it, our new place. We're here for at least 6 months and then until we work up the ambition to move again - and get lucky enough to find another place as nice as this one! Feel free to come by and visit sometime!


  1. Your place look really nice! I love the fact that it is on a flat lot and you have a little bit of yard. We're so envious! I hope Amanda and I can get up to visit you guys sometime.

  2. Looks like a great place, lots more room which is wonderful. I'm glad your McD boxes worked well. We still have ours.

  3. Wow! The house looks great! It looks nice and big for your pets to mess around in. Congrats.