Friday, August 7, 2009

Never Say Never

Today is a sad day in the Bennett household. Steve and I did something I had hoped we would never be forced to do: we gave up some of our kids and had to put them into "The System".

We got a job over in a small rural part of South-Central Washington and could not guarantee our fish would make the journey, and don't know of a place over there to get the special live worms the newts eat. So today they all got bagged up and sent out to foster homes.

Our 3 newts, those who didn't abandon us to go on Walk-About are now at one of our favored pet stores Barnacle Bill's.We'll miss them, especially as they were just starting to spend more and more time hanging out in the water and were getting really fun to watch.

Our fish and snails are at one of our most frequented pet stores, Pets Are People Too. They are big enough that until they find more permanent homes, all should rule their respective tanks with an iron fist.
It's weird to have the empty tanks now, but we're happy knowing they'll all go to good homes instead of potentially not making the drive we'll be going on next week.

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