Thursday, August 20, 2009

Events of Preston Trip - Temple Open House

While we were in Preston, Steve and I had the opportunity (thanks to my great in-laws) to attend the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house. On Wednesday we rode down with Ray and Reva and met up at the Temple with Kathy and Amanda. It was great to be in the Lord's House with family.
Here is the outside of the Temple.
Those tents provided much-appreciated shade on such a sunny day! If you click on the picture, it looks like the Angel Moroni's hand is in the shade, but...The truth is that he was struck by lightning not long ago! So Moroni has one darker arm. Still, nothing detracts from such an impressive sight. By the way, I have since been informed that the Angel Moroni was replaced so that the temple will be perfect for the approaching dedication.From the outside of the Oquirrh Mountain Temple, you can see this: which view includes the Jordan River Temple. What an amazing thing to see prophecy being fulfilled. I can only think of the good that two temples so near each other will do, and of the great work which can be done in that area now.
The inside of the Temple was beautiful, as it is in all Temples. I felt the Spirit so strong there, and the presence of the Lord very near. Still, I always love to see on each Temple, a reminder of whose house it really is, and to remember that the Lord's work goes on there.And finally, proof that Steve and I were there. Don't make fun of our smirking faces; I already said it was a very sunny day!Thanks Ray, Reva, Kathy, and Amanda for such a great experience! I always love to be at the Temple.

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