Friday, August 28, 2009

Hiking Willow Flats

While we were in Preston Steve and I enjoyed spending time with Kathy and Amanda. One afternoon we went to Willow Flats where you can hike to the head of Cub River. It's neat to see the river suddenly begin coming out of the hillside.

This baby bird greeted us just as we began our and we put him off the trail somewhere safe. He was gone when we got back, so hopefully he found a safe place to stay.
So, this blog has a lot of pictures, and if you think there are too many you can just blame Kathy; I had a hard time selecting between all the cute pictures of Amanda and still getting pictures in of scenery....We made it! Kathy and Amanda at the head of Cub River.Where the water comes out of the rocks. Steve told Amanda the story of Moses getting water out of the rock for the Children of Israel here.So it's tradition that when you get to the head of the river you drink from it. Here is Amanda taking her first sip.
And then we of course had to pose for some pictures.Then we enjoyed some fruit snacks. Here Kathy and Amanda were playing a game with theirs. Too cute.After the fruit snack game, Amanda and "Uncle Stevie" came up with a new one: throwing rocks into the water to splash everyone. Here she found a nice, big rock for Uncle Stevie to throw in and splash everyone.Sometimes it took some work to get Amanda close enough to the water to throw her rocks in. Pictured here: "The Transfer"All along the path were beautiful wild flowers.And because I'm a sucker for flowers...On the way back to the car Amanda would periodically inform the rest of us that it was time for a picture break. I'm afraid that began with having to stop to wait for me to catch up as I was behind from my flower pictures... For me, most picture breaks were just opportunities to get really cute pictures of Amanda.Although Steve did get in on the action occasionally... He calls this his "Adam pose". Thanks for this Steve.And a random little waterfall off the river which for one reason or another I really liked.Thanks to Kathy and Amanda for making it such a fun day!

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