Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Break with Grandparents

We split Spring break between grandparents this year so we could visit family and all of the grandparents could dote on Ellie.

The first weekend, we were in Spokane with Grandpa and Grandma Rose. Sorry, I've realized I'm really bad at getting family pictures, so no pictures of anyone with Ellie - except the rabbit. Yes, I know, that's terrible of me, but at least I got SOME pictures! I'll try harder next time.

Anyway, the last meeting between Patches and Ellie left Patches soaked with drool and very wary of our little girl. This time, we couldn't believe how patient and forgiving he was with her! Ellie is a rough girl. Like, you'll know she's really excited when she kicks the crap out of your gut or gets you with a right hook kind of rough. Well, needless to say she wasn't catching on to our gentle petting of the rabbit. But he just kept coming back! No, none of us knows why. Especially since Patches won't even come near Steve or I!

Anyway, Ellie LOVED Patches! She was all smiles and laughter while he was in the house.

By the way, we also found out right before break that Ellie can sit on her own. We didn't even know she could do this until I tried to hold her in one spot for a minute and she just stayed there. She keeps growing so fast!

Then we headed to Preston on Monday. Ellie did really well in the car even though she hardly slept. Not that she wasn't tired, but she's a lay in a crib kind of girl... Here is just one of those tired moments in the car.

Ok, I do have some more pictures of the trip in Preston (not many of her with people admittedly...) but I will post those as their own blog a little later (our trip to the zoo). So, here are a couple of Ellie enjoying making a HUGE mess at Grandma and Grandpa Bennetts. If only you could see the oatmeal on the back of her head and all over the highchair here... Pictures just don't quite do it justice...

And, the drive back the next Monday - one of the few times she passed out. Enjoy the view in our little mirror Kerry got for Ellie. This thing is GREAT. Ellie thinks so too.

Anyway, we enjoyed our break, even if we spent most of it in a car. And, we'll post pictures from the zoo soon, as well as updates about Ellie - that funny girl...

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