Thursday, April 7, 2011

Twirling, Twirling

It's fairly silly to me, but our girl who jumps so much in her jumperoo, has not yet figured out the doorway jumper. I sure she figures it out soon since she's about outgrown her jumperoo because of how tall she is.

Instead of jumping, she simply enjoys the straps and twirls in the jumper. I love some of these pictures. Especially because I see a lot of my Grandmother Jan in Ellie in a few of these. I won't say which, so if nobody else sees it I don't seem quite AS crazy. But if I am crazy, you can blame Julie, she's the one who pointed out that the lip indent and her mouth remind her of Grandma Jan.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the twirling. The backwards pictures are my FAVORITES!

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