Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You Had Better Appreciate These Pictures...

Did you know that it is virtually impossible to get pictures inside a 7 month old's mouth? Next, add a camera that you only half understand and a sleepy baby who doesn't think you're funny anyway... Yup, you better really appreciate these pictures. I mean it.

The whole point of all this effort to capture a moment in time in our Ellie girl's mouth? She has TEETH! That's right, it may be hard to tell in some of these pictures (last one is best, and you'll do even better clicking on them for a larger version) but here they are!

Her right tooth came through her gum Tuesday March 15, and the left tooth came through Saturday the 19th. Now they are already completely visible when she opens her mouth! (To the naked eye, not our camera...) Too bad Sunday she started acting like she might be teething on the top! Oh child...

And because you couldn't see her cute face in the toothy pictures, here are a few pictures of our girl from the last week or so. Here she is loving one of her favorite new toys - the remote!

And I snapped this picture the other day because she looked so sweet sleeping like a baby again! She's been really into her wubbanub lately - she LOVES the new giraffe wubbanub we bought her. This is also the cute new bedding we found at Target that I got her as a second set to the adorable set Grandma Reva made her.
By the way, because our girl thinks she needs to grow all at once, Tuesday the 19th she also started playing on her stomach, rolling around the floor to get things, and then Sunday the 20th she started trying to crawl a little towards toys! Oh, and she now loves to say Dadadadadadada along wither her other jibberish. Gotta love this sweet girl!

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