Thursday, April 14, 2011

8 Month Cheerleader

These pictures are totally random from the other day, but they are so cute I wanted to share them, so here we go.

Ellie turned 8 months old on the 12th and I figured I would try to keep track of some of her quirks and favorite things so we could remember what she was like at this time.

Some of Ellie's favorite toys now are: BALLS! her cell phone (battery removed), her beads she got for Christmas, her jumperoo, her rattle, her clipping rings, and blankets which she loves to chew on.
We're in a chewing phase again as we are fairly certain we have one top tooth coming in, so everything ends up pretty far into her mouth - especially the phone.
She loves her solid foods, and will try to wait us out and refuse a bottle at times if she thinks she'll get solid food instead. She takes about 4 bottles a day and eats solids 3 times a day and enjoys every second of it. She loves playing wither her treats and obviously enjoys picking up treats with the pincer grasp, taking pleasure that she can pick up things so delicately. She looks at what she picks up, watches it, and usually drops it. She has no interest in feeding herself food or bottles yet, although we are starting to see her occasionally get treats up to her mouth before she drops them.
She LOVES her hands again, and will do this thing where she stares at her right hand while doing a twisting motion like she's unscrewing the lid of a jar. Cracks me up. She also runs her index fingers across her teeth all the time so the nail snaps off with a click. She can do that forever. One of my favorite hand things is that whenever I hold her she puts her right thumb into my shoulder using the nail and pivots her hand around on the nail. It starts to hurt after a while, but there's something so endearing about the motion.

Ellie also suddenly started shaking her head. Monday she shivered and shoot her head and then just kept going, nodding and shaking her head, smiling the whole time at me, until her head was going in circles. She makes me laugh. Ever since, she periodically - and for no reason whatsoever - shakes her head. Eventually it'll mean something I'm sure.

She rolls around all over the place when she wants something, but hasn't done much pivoting or crawling motions. She does reach for things and sit and play for long periods now though, which is great to see her becoming more independent.
She also started giving "kisses" about a week ago. They're open mouthed, wet, and rare, but they're there all the same and I love those slobbery signs of affection.

We can't believe how big she is. We had to lower her crib a notch yesterday because when she props herself up like this to see out the crib her head was above the edge and she's trying to sit up at times, even if she's nowhere near doing it yet. She's also wearing 9-24 month clothing (kids sizing is a JOKE)! She is funny and we love each day with her, even if we still have a hard time with her current yelling phase.

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