Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ellie's Fun New Abilities

Ellie continues to learn new skills, most of which crack me up. So, here are a few videos of her newest talents.

She taught herself to do this around the middle of the month.

And she just started really getting into these things.

She mastered Raspberries last Friday the 22nd and her favorite time to shake her head is while her diaper is being changed - usually while grabbing the bars of the changer on either side of her. Too funny.

Another new thing Ellie has taught herself to do is play lookout. Yesterday she figured out that she can pull down the bumpers and look out the slats of the crib at the door and see if anyone is coming to get her or if she should yell louder. I thought maybe it was a fluke, but she's done it every time she's woken up since that first nap yesterday morning. That's right, we are certainly on our way to being constantly outsmarted by a toddler. Other exciting new skills: turning the pages of her books for one. She turns those pages with authority! And I love that she usually leans across the book to use her left hand instead of using her closer, right hand. You can tell when she's done with a page alright. The best example is Goodnight Moon. Every other page is black and white or colored. She waits on the colored pages, but you have to finish the black and white pages after she's already turned to the next picture!

She also likes picking toys out of a tub you put next to her. While we watch cartoons each morning I give her a bin of toys to play with and after a little while every toy is out and scattered around her. It's fun to watch her choose and evaluate which toys she wants to play with.

On a random note, we are now big fans of public television in this house. We only get CBS, Fox, and public television consistently with our antenna, which means only crap on TV during the day - we also love netflix. But, every morning now, since Ellie has me up by 7:00 AM, we watch educational and hardly annoying cartoons and kid shows on our local public station. Ellie LOVES Sesame Street by the way. This was all the acknowledgment me and the camera got while it was on, which is saying something given that Ellie is totally distracted by cameras.
By the way, gotta love the bunny slippers from Grandma Kerry. And yes, that is her very own cell phone.

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  1. Ellie is so stinkin cute! I can't get over how cute she is!