Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring for Ellie!

We were so excited last weekend that Friday and Saturday were nice enough that Ellie got to play outside for the first time! When she was old enough to hang out outside it was either too hot where we lived or then was far too cold over the winter. We got some good walks in during the fall, but she couldn't really do much back then - boy has that changed...

Friday she spent some time playing on the lawn and we enjoyed the sunshine.
Ellie enjoyed watching the lambs across the fence as much as they enjoyed watching her.
And she got a new burst of energy - as usual - when Daddy came home.
She even got to explore grass and seemed to enjoy it.
Then Saturday we had great weather again so when we went to Tri-Cities to run errands we made a stop at Sacajawea State Park. We love that park as it's never as busy as all the riverside parks in Tri-Cities where we sometimes go to walk with the stroller.

I hope you enjoy Ellie's ADORABLE outfit! Thanks to Aunt Julie for sending it to us, it's one of my current favorites!
Daddy introduced her to bark and we watched her spend quite a bit of time exploring it - while Steve kept her from eating it. She also enjoyed playing with one particular stick she twirled hand from hand for a solid 5 minutes and seemed to really enjoy pulling fists full of grass out of the ground in front of her. That's our little destroyer!
These two certainly love each other.
Oh yeah, and she has a mom too.
We did try to get a few family shots but they didn't come out very well. Unfortunately the best one is the really dark one.
Yup, she enjoyed the sun, and was all tuckered out after exploring the great outdoors. I also included this picture (beyond the awwww factor) to point out her new LOVE for all straps. Apparently this love goes beyond consciousness... Gotta love that girl!

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