Sunday, November 1, 2009

Steve's New Calling

So, Steve got called on Wednesday night to come meet with the Bishop. And I laughed and danced about him getting a new calling. Mostly, I'm just nosy and wanted to know what it would be. We both thought he was probably being called into the Young Men's organization as we had heard they were shy a couple of leaders. Well, we were right. Sort of. Steve has been called as the First Counselor in the Young Men's Organization. So, he teaches the 14-16 year old young men on Sundays. He is also temporarily in charge of kicking them in the butt when it comes to Scouts as they are just about to call an Advisor for the Teachers (14-16 year old boys).

I know what you're all thinking, probably what we were thinking - doesn't Steve get enough of high school boys during the week? Apparently not! I guess Steve is just so great that the Lord thinks that the Prosser young men shouldn't miss our just because Steve teaches in Mabton!

Congratulations Brother Bennett! I guess next Wednesday we will be going to Mutual together as I go hang out with my 12-13 year old girls and Steve hangs out with his 14-16 year old boys. No more "church vacation" at the Bennett Zoo!


  1. Wow! What is it with our family?! My mum was called as Beehives first Counselor, Nicolle is the Beehive advisor, Steve gets called as First Counselor in Young Mens, and my Dad's an advisor? See a pattern?? That's cool though! Congrats Steve! You'll have a load of fun!


  2. Yeah for Scouts and Young Women's. I thought the same thing about TJ being in Scouts and teaching 6th grade...Apparently the Lord thinks they can do some good work with the Young Men, more like kicking the YM into gear to stop being pansies. :)