Sunday, November 1, 2009

As Promised

So, I know that these are almost 2 full months late as I misplaced the CD Dad gave me and only recently found it after tearing our place apart... I still need to see if I can get pictures from my cousin. Here are a couple of my favorites of Steve and I being - us- at my cousin's wedding back on Labor Day.

This is why Dad talked about Steve being an exhibitionist at the wedding. That is not the best part of this picture though, the best part is Jennifer's expression as we consistently gross her out.
This is what happened when we found some of the kids' toys when everyone else was doing wedding-ish things. Steve thinks his gangster-ness makes him triumphant here, but considering he's down a gun and says I'm decent with a pistol to begin with, you decide who won here. I certainly have.

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