Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hey look, more heavy stuff to move!

Moving sucks, a fact that is more obvious than the fact that the sun comes up in the east or that the "public option" is a really, really bad idea. Furthermore, the more heavy stuff you have; the more the move will suck. Since we just moved 3 months ago, and we might be moving again in a couple of months, you would think we would be avoiding heavy stuff......well you would be wrong.

Say hello to 300 lbs of new heavy stuff that we will have to move, our new gun safe. A gun safe was something we knew we wanted to buy, but that was one of those down the road things. That all changed with one trip to Ranch and Home store in the Tri-Cities. We came across this safe on a $250 off sale and jumped on it.

It's only a 14 gun safe, but as you can see its more than big enough for us.........for now. I do wonder how they got 14 rifles into this safe, were they BB guns? Toy guns? The arsenal of the munchkin army?

But you know what, we absolutely love it. This safe is far more than what we thought we could afford. Thank goodness for great sales, and parents who pitch in as their Christmas present to us.
So 300 lbs of new stuff, have we learned our lesson yet? Um, that would be a no.

Here's another 150 lbs of heavy stuff, we finally got around to building the new sugar glider cage. 6 feet tall, 3 feet wide, and 30 inches deep. The idea was to make a cage that could fit through the 31 inch doorway to the pet room. Well......the best laid plans of mice and men.

So I built the glider cage to be 30 inches deep, thinking that that would give me an inch of clearance to go through the 31 inch door. Great plan, till I added the door latches. Now the cage is almost exactly 31 inches and won't fit through the door. Experience is a great teacher, but experience charges one hell of a bill. Oh well, this screw up is minor compared to some of the mistakes I made with the chin cage.

So that's the top half of the cage.

And that's the bottom half. We are still rearranging the perches and climbing toys. So far it seems that the gliders really like their new home, especially the nesting box and the big blue rope. They also like the fleece net Nicolle made.

So at the end of the day, we got some really cool stuff; but we also have 450 lbs more we have to move the next time we move. Is it too early to start stockpiling pain pills?

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