Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What We've Been Up To

So, just a few fun things that we've been up to as of late. This blog jumps around a bit, but just to catch up...

First, a couple at church invited us to come decorate holiday cookies the day after Halloween with them and their 3 year old. These are a few of the cookies we decorated. Their son's cookies had MUCH more candy on them... It was a lot of fun and he was pretty hilarious!

Next, I've been doing a lot more sewing. I made the gliders new bags after we got the boys.
And then had to make new, bigger bags so that they could all fit in the bags when we tried to introduce them to each other. I also made the net that covers the top of their cage, but am not ready to put the effort into pulling it out so I can take a picture... yet.Then we got all the gliders into the same cage! There was a bit of fighting at first, but now everyone is doing well. Here is Ajax after drowsily leaving the nest box they all sleep in during the day.
Here is our latest adventure. Today we drove to Auburn and back, all in time to make mutual! There was a good reason for this drive though. We got 4 Lady Gouldian finches for Steve's classroom! The lady gave us a great deal since they are for educational purposes. So we have one adult male, and 3 adolescents who are not fully colored yet so we can't sex them. Guess which one is the adolescent!
But before long they will all be as beautiful as the male. And he is GORGEOUS! We can't wait for these amazing to blow Steve's students' minds. Once the rest of the budget comes through, a few more finches to come!

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