Monday, November 2, 2009

The Last of the Wedding Pictures

So I got these from my cousin Tammy, and many have had the beautiful background cropped out so that you can see us a little better, because as always, Steve's expressions in pictures are priceless!

So this is how Steve spent some of the post-wedding/pre-reception time. Hanging out on the dock and taking random photos of people.
He may be devilishly tricky, but this next picture is more the reason why I absolutely love him. He really is a great guy.By the way, if it looks like there was something else in that picture, there was - me. But I looked really awkward, so you just get to see the best part of that one - Steve!

And then back to our gun fight. Fingers vs guns.... I obviously win.
Which is why Steve chose to take himself out instead of losing in epic fashion. You have to look closely, but it is his hand around mine holding it to his head. I would never do such a thing because I need him around to kill spiders and open jars and stuff... And I think my own father would arrest me. Yeah, there's that too.

Luckily, even after Steve got "the look" for holding my hand to his head in the last picture, we were still friends. We had a blast being silly while everyone else was much more serious and wedding-like.
Just one of the many ways of showing you all why life as Steve Bennett's wife is full of fun and laughter!

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