Wednesday, May 25, 2011

9 month stats

Yesterday Ellie had her 9 month check-up. I figured I would share her stats and brag about how huge she is! Ellie's head is 44 cm according to the nurse, which keeps her head size consistently in the area of the 60th percentile. She is 30 inches tall which puts her in the 97 to 98th percentile for height. And among kids her age who are above the 97th percentile she ranks about 80th percentile for weight. She's probably actually a little heavier than they weighed her in at - 21 lbs, as she had a stomach bug the night before and threw everything up and refused to eat all morning before her appointment.

Yeah, one of Steve's co-workers brought in his daughter for her 12 month appointment and we all commented on how tall she was. Then she came and stood next to Ellie and they were almost the exact same height! We didn't realize that she was already 2.5 feet tall!

Another random tidbit is that as of yesterday we get to fight to brush her teeth. Now she has 4, it's time to brush!

Here are some fun pictures of our huge girl from today. First, her making some funny faces. This girl has a million expressions, and almost all of them make me laugh. The first one is part of what she likes to do lately where she squeezes her hands, or whatever she is holding, and acts like she is working so hard she has to grit her teeth and her head literally shakes slightly.
Yeah, when you get looks like this for no reason at 9 months.... 16 is gonna be rough.
She also likes to stand and hold on to her crib now. I have to stand her up, although she's starting to reach for the coffee table, couches, etc. But once she's there, she likes to stand there and stare at me - while occasionally licking the crib. Don't ask - I have no idea.
She isn't crawling yet, just army crawling, but she spends more and more time on her hands and knees thinking about moving.
And she's pretty close to being able to sit up on her own too. She just doesn't pay attention to what she's doing enough to know this.
Yup, she is too stinkin cute. And will hopefully finally be healthy again soon. Poor girl has had an eye infection and a stomach bug all in the last week. Welcome to spring time baby girl...

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