Friday, May 13, 2011


That's right, today, on the very ominous Friday the 13th, Steve got riffed. So did three other teachers in the Mabton School District. Basically, due to stimulus funds drying up, the district was over budget and decided that they needed to get rid of 4 full time teachers. More classified staff will be eliminated later in the year as they get their final budget from the state.

Ok, so before people start consoling us, we're fine. Really. First, we SO appreciate the outpouring of support and anger people feel on our behalf, and it means A LOT that students and staff members are upset about our leaving. Steve and I really feel invested in the Mabton community, especially the students. (even if I admittedly haven't been there very much since Ellie was born)

However, this is where the blessings of the Gospel come in. Steve and I have felt that we maybe shouldn't be in Mabton/Prosser anymore since October when A LOT happened all at once - all negative. Then, as things calmed down, we decided to wait and see what happened, but we still got our answer in the way of definite feelings and promptings that it was time for us to be moving on after this school year. We didn't know we would get riffed till today, but this only confirms that whatever Steve needed to be in Mabton to do, he has done all he can for now, and it's time to move on.

So, we have been prepared for this. We were fairly certain it was coming all week, and were able to take it in stride. Steve already has his application packet ready to go and we are applying for jobs. So...

THANK YOU to everyone who has said or will say that they want us around. It's so nice to know that the energy Steve has invested in the kids has meant something. We so appreciate the support. But, life brings change, and we're ready to embrace it.

Beyond, now we can collect unemployment starting in September if we don't find a new job. Awesome!

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