Friday, May 20, 2011


Ellie is mobile! Beyond rolling and pivoting on her belly I mean. I guess it's more appropriate to say she is more mobile. We're not quite to crawling yet, but you'll see in the video it sure won't be long. I know, I know, we shouldn't be excited about this as it means she'll be getting into everything soon, but it's so fun to see her figure things out and develop new abilities!

There's nothing fancy about this video as it's fairly long anyway, just her scootching to get "toys" she's not usually allowed to play with time and time again. Enjoy! We sure are!

In other news, Ellie also cut her 4th tooth on Wednesday while I was sick in bed. It's not another front tooth. Instead it is the smaller incisor just to the left of her front tooth she already cut. Funny, I know, but what else should we expect from our silly girl? So, these are the teeth she has cut now. Who knows what will come through next?!
Oh, and here are a few cute pictures of her from last Sunday before our whole house got sick.I know, it's so exciting! Not only does she look cute (as always), but she also has enough hair to constantly re-clip a small bow into! And yes, I am just silly enough to fight that losing battle...

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  1. That's so great! I love it!!! She's gonna be crawling any day now!!