Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shoes and Bunnies

We headed to Spokane for Presidents Day weekend as Steve had Monday off. It was great to spend time with family and we always love seeing Ellie and loved ones get time with each other.

First of all, it ended up being a great trip. Family time was great, my parents watched Ellie one day just so Steve and I could go spend a couple of hours together without towing a diaper bag and tired 6 month old with us, and we ran into one of my friends from high school. I have to say a big THANK YOU to my friend Clacie and her husband Mike who decided when we ran into each other to simply give us 30 cans of formula they had in surplus! It was truly a wonderful gift.

Next, my Step-Mom Kerry got Ellie a really adorable dress for Easter, but as Ellie is a giant baby, she wore it while we were there so they could get pictures of her in it. Kerry has pet rabbits and wanted pictures of Ellie with her rabbit Patches. Here are a couple of cute ones.

More on the rabbit-Ellie connection.... Soooo funny! Patches came to check Ellie out while Steve had her sitting on the floor watching him play. Ellie leaned forward to touch him and simultaneously whacked him on the head and drooled a big puddle on his back. Needless to say the poor rabbit took off and jumped in the air, flinging drool across the room. My dad said that even 5-10 minutes later when he petted the rabbit his back was soaked... Don't worry, Patches didn't learn his lesson.... He was fascinated by Ellie's rattle - can't blame him, she drops any toy and reaches for it/tries to eat it anytime she spots it too - and came to check Ellie out with the rattle. Little did he know (or my sister later on) that Ellie really flings what he have affectionately named her "bull riding arm" around when she has that rattle. Jennifer and Patches at different points in time took that very cute rattle right to the nose....

Next, we had decided that where Ellie stands so much, it would be good to get her some shoes. While we were out wasting time Monday at the mall, we stopped into Payless. The woman measured Ellie's feet and we tried on 4 different shoes. I LOVED them all!

So did Ellie. She cooperated with putting all of them on and would swing and stare at her feet with the shoes on. After we had taken them off, she still swung and stared at her shoeless feet for a while.

We ended up getting these as they were the most versatile for church and everyday use.

I still loved these though....
And now she is big enough to wear these adorable shoes my friend Kelly got for her when she was only a couple of weeks old because we thought they were so cute!

Best part of Ellie liking shoes.... She kept watching her feet all day, and had her mind blown when we went to a pet store in Northtown Mall that has a nocturnal room lit by a black light. Her new white shoes immediately lit up and she started trying to grab them. Everyone in the room was entertained.
And thus begins a lifetime love affair with animals and shoes. One is because she is a Bennett/Rose. The other, because she is a girl. Duh!

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  1. Holy smokes! You have a really REALLY cute baby. I want to squeeze her.