Saturday, February 5, 2011

Recent Ellie Fun

Of course, right after I posted the last blog, Ellie started doing more fun things. And, I realized I forgot to mention some of Ellie's latest developments. The first of which, is screeching...

This is what Ellie does when she is: excited, tired, wound up, etc. My hearing may never recover... And I think the neighbor's dogs may now be deaf.

Yup, really complaments the whimpering from the last blog, doesn't it? So awesome since her normal voice is lower than most other babies we've been around.

Next, literally the night I posted the last blog, Ellie found her feet - with her hands this time. She's been fascinated with them since she was only a couple of months old, but now she can actually get to them. She's playing with them in the video above, but bath time and naked/diaper change time are her favorite foot-grabbing opportunities. Feet are just so much more entertaining when they're bare...
Totally random, but our big girl is now wearing some 12 month clothes! Like these, her new jammies we got her while in Moscow. For about a week and a half, before we got serious about teething, she was even sleeping through the night in all of her giant baby glory! This was Ellie's first time sporting Vandal Gear. I-D-A-H-O! Idaho! Idaho! Go, Go, Go! (You ask even the most drunken frat guy what the UI fight song is and he can recite that part of it...)

Then, Thursday Ellie got a present in the mail. Santa brought her some great blocks with numbers and animals on them for Christmas. Without even knowing it, Aunt Julie paired her blocks with a much bigger and more elaborate alphabet set with shapes for building things down the road.

I just have to throw out there, that for anyone with small kids, you should check out the Just B. B. You toy company. I love the colors of their toys, the simplicity of a lot of them, their green initiative that they don't jam down anyone's throat, the fact that a portion of each toy gos to helping a children's charity, even the cute book of hilarious kids quotes they include in each toy. Anyone interested in this great company should check them out HERE.

Ok, back to Ellie. She loves her blocks. We are currently in a slam, drop, throw, and knock over phase with her toys. She likes to sit in her bumbo and grab a toy and then drop it and then look at it like, "huh, wonder why it's down there," or slam the toy into the ground or bumbo repeatedly, followed by an occasional outright chuck of the toy across the blanket she's on. New with these blocks, she really likes for Steve or I to build towers near her to knock down. Here's an example of her taking and repeatedly dropping blocks. We love watching the wheels turn...

Did I mention she really likes her blocks? Also notice, we are currently left-hand dominant. We've read kids go back and forth, but it's obvious in the video as well as based on where all her blocks were dropped in this picture.
This photo also makes us proud of our daughter who is years beyond her actual age in her development. I mean, this picture is reminiscent of photos of my sister Jennifer from ages 5 to 12 when this was the only way she smiled for pictures. So awesome. (Seriously, one of my favorite Ellie pictures to date.)

If you look really closely you can also tell her gums are swollen. Any doubt we had of Ellie teething has been removed painfully in the last 48 hours. We get sudden outbursts of crying during play time, naps, etc. which are only soothed by tylenol, baby orajel, cuddling, and sometimes a bottle (we all like our comfort food). We can also add lots of drooling and wet shirts, runny nose, and many more diapers to our fun list of teething symptoms. And, as of tonight, we can see two white swollen spots on her bottom gum. The teeth they are a-comin.

Lastly, as if I needed to tell anyone who's had a wife who stays at home with the kids or anyone who has met Ellie and Steve, our girl is really his girl... Ellie literally lights up when Steve comes home from work and laughs for him in a way she rarely if ever does for me. Daddy is fun, and less frequently seen and therefore much more exciting. Here is a quick snipit of an encounter that was literally within the first 15 or 20 minutes Steve had been home. And, as per usual, this is after she'd calmed down greatly. (I'm too slow with the camera at times)

Well, enjoy the gummy pictures of our girl while they last. Fairly soon her pictures will have teeth in them! Makes me kind of glad that as of Thursday we had to go all bottle with her. A baby with teeth sounds like a baby on formula to me....

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