Tuesday, February 22, 2011

6 Months! (a little late)

As I posted earlier, Ellie turned 6 months old on the 12th. On the 16th she had her check-up and shots. You know, we tell everyone she's big, and people constantly tell us how big she is when we tell them how old she is, but it means a lot more with the facts.

For instance, it means more when the pediatrician's nurse comes in to the room and verifies that you're just there for a 6 month check up, and then tells you how big your baby is... It means more when you go through her clothes for the second time in two weeks and have to get rid of most everything. And when you have to pull out all of her larger 9 month clothing and all of her 12 and some 18 month clothing. And it fits her - perfectly. Crap.

It especially means more when the nurse tells you that your baby is 27 (and a little - whatever that means!) inches long and 19 lbs 9.5 oz! Which our doctor puts at 80-90th percentile for height and 95-97th percentile for weight. Don't worry, our doctor was sure to blame Steve for her being so big. Although, her big noggin is only at 60th percentile, which is better than Steve had thought.

Speaking of that noggin, she keeps getting sandier and we may have a blond before too much longer. If not, it's sure going to be light brown hair on that head. And she continues to get more hair! Soon we'll be able to put bows and clips in it I hope which will be good as almost all of her headbands are too small now...

Other developments:
Ellie is now working on table foods. So far she likes pieces of canned pears and peaches, green beans, fruit and yogurt drops and baby cereal treats, banana, spaghetti, and basically anything she can get her hands on.

She also likes her sippy cup and being able to just drink after oatmeal or snacks instead of having formula all of the time. She can do water bottles and cups, but we got her some sippy cups as this was the best we could come up with as something in our house for her to drink out of and thought it might be a little controversial outside the home...
She tries to giver herself the sippy cup sometimes which is funny, especially since she's content to just lay back and be fed a bottle.
Her language has EXPLODED this last week, and I wish I had anything on video to share but I don't. Her consonants are present in most of her speech and we hear lots of l's, m's, n's, d's, g's, f's, etc. It's also nice that she uses her regular, much lower pitches when she jabbers. One of my favorite parts of her new speeches are that they often end in or involve "fish lips." She purses her lips out and apart while making noises or just to move her mouth after she's done talking. She also likes sucking on her lips at random moments. Believe me, super cute.

Also cute, her love for music and books. First of all, anything Ellie doesn't want to do - get dressed, get buckled into her car seat, etc. is automatically much better if Steve and I are singing to her and she often won't cry or will calm down if we sing. Next, Ellie's love for books only grows. Lately, she wants to touch and hold her books during story time, and we have to take the book away just to turn the page. During this time, she is leaned completely forward and reaching out with both hands as far as she can till we turn the page and bring the book back. I know, we NEED to get it on video....

When it comes to sleep, Ellie has developed a new deep love - for blankets. Half the time we go in to check on her at night and all you see is a pile of blankets, and no Ellie. She loves snuggling with blankets and having one up by her face, as a result, she now sleeps with the blankets covering her face completely. Sorry, no good pictures of her buried alive....
She still often sleeps like this, and starts doing this no matter where or what position she is in when she is getting tired. Funny way of saying it's nap time...
Our girl is also a mover and a shaker. Any time we go in to get her out of the crib now she has turned, sometimes a full 180 degrees in the same spot. Other times she's traveled the length of the crib, is on her side holding the bars, or kicking the wall through the slats. Today, I found her on her tummy!

That's right, our girl can officially roll over on to her stomach now. At my parent's house two days ago we saw her go so far over on her side for a toy (she reaches further and further out now!) her stomach was on the ground, but she didn't quite finish the roll. Although I didn't see her do it, I feel like putting her to bed on her back and going in to find her propped up on her stomach is a pretty sure sign....

She's been an expert at rolling over from her tummy for weeks now and hardly spends time on her stomach anymore unless she has a toy she thinks is worth staying there for.

Ellie can also sit on her own although she doesn't do it very often. She'll sit up for 10 minutes on her own in someone's lap though. She continues to love to stand. We told the pediatrician that and she stood Ellie up. Then, Ellie refused to let her put Ellie back on the table in a sitting or laying position and I had to hold her standing so the doctor could finish up our appointment. Where do those stubborn genes come from???
Ellie also now loves her toys and has figured out her jumperoo toys, light-up and button toys, and her feet. Toys belong in her mouth. Period.
She's a total foot grabber, especially during diaper changes. She also has a renewed passion for fingers which means we are constantly giving her pacifiers lately and she likes those a lot right now too.

Teething has suddenly stopped without anything to show for it, and her jumperoo had to be raised a level recently. Basically, she just keeps growing! And as much as she is more and more fun each day, time is passing far too quickly for my taste!

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