Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Little Abe Day"

Just as a note, the title is drawn from a Bennett family story about Steve that I was recently told and figured they would enjoy the reference....

We recently realized that Steve and Ellie get to share half and full birthdays. In other words, their birthdays are exactly 6 months apart. The result is that this past Saturday we got to celebrate Steve's "one year closer to death day" (his term obviously) and Ellie turning the big 6 months on the same day. So, how did we celebrate?

It was a beautiful day and we headed to Tri-Cities with our friends Kelly and Troy and their daughter Tess and checked out a gun show for a couple of hours. Then we walked to Red Robin for Steve's birthday lunch. I got to embarrass him and have the restaurant staff sing happy birthday, which was hilarious mostly because before they started singing Ellie had become exhausted without her nap and was in this position:Yup, we got lots of smiles as Steve and I took turns eating one-handed and holding her head up for her...

Anyway, once the waiters started singing Ellie woke up with quite the start and shrieked, making a couple of waitresses freak out and move rapidly from her... Too funny.

After the gun show we headed to the Zillah furniture auction for some entertainment, but they are sadly decreasing the auction more and more so there wasn't much to see and we left early. Instead, we headed to the Mabton boys and girls basketball games for districts which were conveniently in Zillah.

The boys killed. It was an amazing display! The girls unfortunately lost but were pretty much decimated by injuries and a short bench.

We got home LATE but Ellie was such a champ! We put her to bed and she babbled for a while. Where she only got a couple of cat naps and one good nap in the car we figured she'd be out quickly, but 40 minutes later she was getting louder. I went in to check on her to find that in the last 40 minutes she had:

- Untucked herself from her blankets (I tucked her in tight!)
- Turned herself 90 degrees in the crib to be facing the right way
- Started kicking the crib for fun freaking us out about what the noise was
- Messed her fresh bedtime diaper
- Decided she was starving

So she looked a little like this, only completely turned and feet kicking the crib....
Yup, I'd say she's 6 months old. And has all the attitude to prove it!
These pictures are from Saturday. Ellie actually left on her sunglasses (thanks Jen!) even though it wasn't very bright anymore...

Happy Birthday Steve! We love you!

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