Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1st Valentines for Us All

It was Ellie's first Valentines day this year. It was also our first Valentines day as parents. And, we are now on hospital bill budget. We figured the day would be really low key and kind of lame... We honestly don't usually do anything on Valentines day anyway, instead going to dinner the weekend before or after.

Instead, it will probably go down as one of my favorite dates we've had. And we didn't go anywhere.

I decided just a couple of hours before Steve got home that Ellie and I would dress up for our Valentine to celebrate the day. And that I would clean up the kitchen and we could have a nice dinner while Ellie napped.
Things started out well, we were ready to surprise our Valentine when he got home from work. Steve ended up taking over dinner and every time I tried to help with dinner he had already taken care of what I was going to do.

We had a great Steak dinner prepared, and danced to Me and Mrs. Jones in our kitchen while dinner cooked. (I jokingly brought up Barry White on Pandora and we went with it. A lot of fun. I highly suggest it.) Just as we were about to take our first bites - Ellie woke up. Of course she did! Luckily she wasn't hungry so she hung out and babbled at us while we ate. And then filled the dinner time silence with the noises of filling a diaper. You'd almost think we were parents.
Basically, it was an amazing day. And we really enjoyed our 1st Valentines day as parents. Such a great first holiday with this little ray of sunshine!

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