Thursday, July 29, 2010

Crafty - which I am not

Recently I have decided that having a little girl is going to provide me a few different types of opportunities: pretending to be crafty, learning to be crafty, taking advantage of crafty people around me.

I have done all three this past week.

First, we had this frame. It's so cute, but I knew I wanted the pictures in it and everything was too plain and white with the black and white sketches. So, I decided to pretend to be crafty. Lots of pretend paper letters, several texts to Jen (who is artistic unlike me), and a lot of bugging Steve with questions he had no answers to later.... Ta Da! Pretend craftiness.I'm still not sure I'm totally in love with it, but it grows on me and I do think I like it.

Next, I went to the house of a lady in my ward yesterday because she made some really adorable bows for me at the Prosser baby shower. (Pictures can be found like two blogs ago.) So, she said she'd teach me how to make them. I was worried as I am not a very crafty or domestic person, but figured I might as well give it a go! It turns out, they aren't very hard at all! Now I need to buy a hot glue gun, some ribbon, buttons, and clips so I can make more! These are the ones we made together yesterday that I actually know how to replicate or base other bows off of.
And here is the one I bought just for Steve. (She used to make bows and has since stopped but is still selling what she has. She also sold me some cute headbands that these can all attach to in case our little girl has no hair...) There are a lot of Huskies fans and alums at Mabton, so Steve feels the need to represent WSU. Personally, I don't mind - and I knew he'd love it.

The last craft for this week was making some vinyl boards for our little girl's bedroom. I got together today with a girl from our ward who has a Cricut. If you don't know what these are, they are pretty darn amazing. I don't know that I'm ready to craft enough to justify one, but they are crazy regardless. She used hers and this ADORABLE cartridge to make animals out of vinyl that we could put on boards to hang in the nursery.

We are doing a bright, fun animal theme, so this is the board we made today. It will be the central mirror with a pink one on the right with animals and a purple one on the left with animals. We also painted a board green (all the same colors as our storage bins and the picture frame) that we're going to put some animal or flower or something on and then after our little girl is born we'll add her name, birth weight, and birth date. So glad that Tawnya is crafty and willing to let me use her skills to make something so cute for the nursery!

So, thank goodness for experimentation and make believe, crafty people who are willing to share their abilities, and crafty people who are willing to share themselves!

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