Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Quick Belly Update

So, I realize it's been a while since I've posted any pregnancy pictures. Mostly, Steve and I have just been crazy busy lately. I'm in my last week of swim lessons, and this week has been much calmer than the last few as parents try to squeeze in private lessons before vacations and before I stop teaching. Steve has started summer school and football practice, although football is only a mini camp which ends this week as well. Then we'll get to see each other more frequently than on the weekends and late at night when we're both exhausted!

We had a doctor's appointment Thursday which seemed to go pretty well if not perfectly. There was some protein in my urine, which can be a bad sign, but not enough they were worried. Honestly, we think that it was because we jumped from 60s and 70s to 100s here last week. And I had so many lessons, appointments, etc. that I was never home and probably didn't drink enough to be honest. The heat also resulted in my having balloon feet (not really that terrible, but since I hadn't swelled at all up until then....) for a couple of days. They are better now and only swell a little. The doctor said that if my blood pressure were bad with swelling and protein they might be concerned, but my BP is great, so they think all is well still. Even though I continue to barely measure my weeks, baby girl is still growing well and her heart beat is always very loud and strong! She continues to move more and more - mostly rolling, pushing, stretching, turning, etc. I don't think where I measure small and she measures big there's enough room for her to really wind up to hit or kick me much anymore...

We also had the baby showers for my side of the family in Spokane this weekend which were great! We now know what we have left to get to prepare for this little girl and have gotten everything washed and put away so that we will hopefully be as ready as we can be when she arrives. Only 6 more weeks! So crazy!

These pictures are at 33 weeks (one week ago). The first is on my way to my doctor's appointment, and the second is after Steve and I got home from getting my ticket reduced at court... I know, what fun occasions...

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