Thursday, July 29, 2010


I love that you can talk to two doctors who work together and get totally different opinions... That's what happened to me yesterday. I have weekly appointments now and see our actual doctor for each appointment. We haven't seen him in quite a while, and not at all since before we found out the baby is big.

So, I heard him talking to another doctor before our appointment... "That's a big baby!" Yup, he's looking at my file.

Then when he came to talk with me, he mentioned again that she was big, and that wasn't good. He said all first babies should be 6 lbs. so people are willing to go through the whole thing again... Oh well, good thing Steve and I don't want an only child anyway. But, then he surprised me by saying that last week she was around 6 lbs 10 oz or 7 lbs. Huh? We were told 8. Yes, he agrees, if we go the full 40 weeks she'll be around 8 lbs. No, we were told 8 last week and potentially 9.5 lbs at 40 weeks. Nope, he says she should only be 8 or 8.5 lbs at 40 weeks. Hooray!!! He still thinks that's big, but boy does that sound better than 9.5 lbs!

Then, another surprise. He starts warning me that since it's our first child we'll probably go to term and that now we're just waiting for contractions and waiting for labor to start.... No mention of the induction the specialist seemed to imply was coming? Nope. So as of right now, our baby is thankfully smaller than she supposedly was a week ago, but we also have to wait for her to come instead of having a countdown in mind. And that's that. We'll see if we get totally different news at next weeks appointment again...

Oh, and because I feel the need for pictures, I bought these the other day as potential coming home outfits (if she is big after all). So cute!

I love the green and yellow which is girly without being all pink.

This one may not be the cutest thing you've ever seen (although personally I love polka-dots) but, you have to feel it! Softest sleeper I've found.

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